Offshore wind turbine farm

About DFFV


The vision is that the consortium is the leading platform in Denmark in research and technology development and is the cornerstone of the interaction between industry and knowledge institutions in all areas of wind energy technologies including wind resource assessment and the environmental impact of wind energy.

The Consortium Agreement provides a framework for research and technology cooperation and innovation for the public and private sectors as well as experimental verification and demonstration, testing, education and training within wind energy. The collaboration aims to:

  • Contribute to the development of the wind energy industry and more efficient wind turbine technology
  • Provide research-based knowledge to change the energy system in Denmark to a coherent system based on renewable energy
  • Operate as an entry to international research networks in wind energy
  • Increase the value creation of the consortium members


The tasks of the consortium are within the field of wind energy and in cooperation between the consortium partners to:

  • develop and maintain research competencies in specialist areas of strategic importance for industry, system administrators, public authorities, consultants and other key stakeholders
  • conduct strategic research at a high international level
  • conduct research and development in collaboration with or for companies or institutions
  • ensure the quality and relevance of the research with the utilisation of the partners’ core competencies
  • advise and conduct studies for public authorities
  • contribute to the education of candidates, industry researchers (PhD’s and post docs) or PhD’s
  • contribute to the training of staff
  • run dissemination of knowledge activities, including seminars
  • hold wind energy conferences regularly
  • develop and organise international master and PhD programs and courses
15 JUNE 2024