A picture of the wind turbines in Østerild

Danish Research Consortium for Wind Energy

Danish Research Consortium for Wind Energy is a partnership within wind energy between The Technical University of Denmark, Aalborg University, Aarhus University, University of Southern Denmark, FORCE Technology, DELTA and DHI. The actors are the main universities and GTS institutes within wind energy in Denmark.

The aim of the consortium is to:

  • establish a common research strategy, coordination and framework for a continued and enhanced development of research and expertise of wind energy in Denmark
  • strengthen research efforts across existing institutions and disciplines
  • coordinate joint project applications to Danish and international research and development programs
  • train highly skilled people through the combined efforts of universities and knowledge institutions
  • develop a Danish research environment which is able to attract the best Danish and foreign researchers and is the focal point for international cooperation
  • match industry development and research needs
  • support Danish companies' ongoing need for assistance with long-term research projects and enter into cooperations
  • establish joint marketing initiatives
You can read more about the consortium here.


24 JULY 2024